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Maritime Express

Mission Statement

To preserve and promote our Canadian musical heritage, to serve
our communities and to enjoy fellowship with family and friends.

From left to right:
Garnet Johnson, Del Wheaton, Ivan Hicks, Vivian Hicks, Tom Johnson

Maritime Express Band In 1978, Ivan Hicks, fiddle, Vivian, his wife on piano, Tom Johnson, bass and Del Wheaton, guitar organized a band for the sole purpose of preparing and recording an album of old-time fiddle music. This album, titled "Fiddling for Fun and Friends" and featuring Ivan and the Downeast fiddling style, was released in 1979. Their music became so well received and they began appearing at various festivals, fairs and fiddle gatherings that with the addition of 5-string banjo player, John Dalgleish, the group became known as Ivan Hicks and Maritime Express. Later, Garnet Johnson joined the group as banjo player. Over the next ten years, the group became one of Atlantic Canada's favourites appearing at events in all Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and in the US. Maritime Express released two bluegrass recordings, "It's Bluegrass" in 1982 and a gospel album, "Precious Memories" in 1988. The band has accompanied Ivan and Vivian on many of their fiddling recordings including "Friendly Fiddling the Maritime Way", "Purple Violet Fiddling", "Fiddlingly Yours", "An Old Time Christmas with Friends" and "Shingle the Roof". During the 1990's, Ivan Hicks and Maritime Express have continued to perform on stage, for benefits and on TV and to contribute to the music industry and community. Over 20 years of entertaining together has brought about a comradeship between these musicians that makes it fun to be together on and off stage. The sounds of Maritime Express range from old-time fiddle and 5-string banjo in Downeast, Cajun, Country and Bluegrass to old-fashioned ballads, gospel songs and down-home comedy.